Spirit Mind and Body Spirit Mind and Body are all different aspects to being alive as a human. They interact and affect each other in both directions. When there is a flaw in the mind, we can empower the body and the spirit – which can help to heal it. When there’s a flaw in the body empowering the mind and the spirit can help … Continue reading

Seeing in the Dark

Into the Unknown Many challenges to our health are induced within spiritual vibrations that are not easy to detect. If we experience dysfunction in our life, and only search within ways of understanding that already make sense to us, we are unlikely to resolve many challenges. By learning to explore and understand spiritual resonance, we gain access to tools and influence that can dramatically affect … Continue reading Seeing in the Dark


Lecture on Energywork and the Chakras This is one lecture on human energetics. It is appropriate for people who know nothing about holistic health, and for those who have studied Chakras and Energy-work before. It explores basic insight about how life is affected by energetics, how we can channel these forces well, and why holistic energy work may be a wonderful path for you. Seven … Continue reading Lecture