Fall Newsletter 2016

New Studio Open House

  On Saturday September 17th we will be hosting an Open house from 1-3 pm to introduce the new space. Visit 213 Second St. Ithaca. Receive an overview of the new classes and services. Sign up for special introductory deals. Please bring a friend!

My wife, Tali Fuson, will also be available to answer questions about her practice.

Entrance is the set back door on the Right.

studiomovementFall Class Schedule

Monday 5:30-6:50pm
Tuesday 8-9:20am
Wednesday 3-4:20pm
Thursday 5:30-6:50pm
Friday 8-9:20am
All classes are $20.

These classes are based in three simple 12 pose yoga ‘flows’. They include movement, breathwork, and visualizations. Morning classes awaken. Evening classes invigorate. Wednesday is conversational, exploring challenges together.

Sacred Creatures ~ Three Month Course

infintite nature 1This Octobober 3rd, we will begin a new Level I class from 7:00 – 9:00 on Monday nights. This course introduces the foundations of Wildflowerfire, and guides you to awaken the 12 Chakra system. It is suited for those with and without Yoga and Chakra experience. Each week we will focus on a new energy center, and explore, heal and activate their themes in your life. Community, Trust, Power, Imagination, Love, Divinity, Communication, Intimacy, Guidance, Prayer, Dreaming, and Creativity.

As we progress, you will learn the ‘Standing Flower’ a 12-pose Yoga sequence that includes unique movements, breaths and visualizations for each Chakra. By the end you will be adept with this pattern, able to practice it on your own. You will have in-depth experience with each Chakra, addressing core challenges and how to turn them into strengths. This is a comprehensive study of your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health. The course trains you to take care of yourself. Join us!

Healing Sessionsstudiotable

Our new healing room is open. Private sessions range from overviews of your energy field, unique support through illness and disease, delving into the roots of deep challenges, and guidance on your Life Path.

Sessions involve seated conversation, hands-on work on a table, and homework.

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