Tuning Chakras with the Zodiac

Everything you do is fundamentally creative. As soon as you believe, act or feel, you generate and sustain energetic vibrations within yourself and the world around you. When these vibrations contradict forces beyond your control, your overall potential diminishes. When you are in harmony with the greatest powers around you, you have a heightened capacity to thrive.

The Earth exists within fixed cycles beyond human intervention. The Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes are definite moments with the most light, the longest night and days of equal light and dark. Yet human society organizes around the Roman calendar, which is out of harmony with these fixed dates. Our overall potential is diminished.

The zodiac is ancient. It predates the Roman Empire. This is a case of objective reality being stronger than the will of dead people. Whether you like it or not. Whether every human on Earth believes it or not, fundamental forces shift in line with the astrological cycle. It would be confusing to oppose the human majority in your scheduling life. However, your spiritual life is your own. Become aware of the astrological forces that already affect you. Learn when their cycles shift and how to work with them.

Wildflowerfire will help you. We will send out newsletters on the zodiac calendar and highlight the chakra of the month. The astrological months are in tune with the solstices and the equinoxes. Tuning with them reveals a deeper mystery – the astrological months are in sync with the 12 chakras. This synchronicity involves the ‘key ring’ cycle. It is non-linear and based in the greatest harmonies between each center. In music theory this is the ‘circle of fifths’ in reverse. This has the effect of amplifying unique forces in your life, that change with the months of the zodiac.

When you become more aware of this cycle, it offers the opportunity to address the themes of each chakra in harmony with the greater cycles of the Earth. This is a powerful time to focus on healing these forces in yourself and unveiling the potential latent within each cenergy center.

My associate Margaret Snow, an astrologer, Reiki Master and life coach, discovered this connection. Her website is www.margaretsnow.com

One thought on “Tuning Chakras with the Zodiac

  1. Ahhh.. today’s offering 1/28/20..set up the question for me that perusing this page confirmed would be one you would understand ( your personal birth information ) while knowing the context was one in which I couldn’t ask..public forum..etc..
    Your post ‘ the other side ‘ was additional support..a kindred spirit, sitting upon a beach, resting along a creekbed, a forest glade, a grassy bowl.
    We all leave our footprints behind as testament to the paths we have walked-
    The impact those marks make-whether light or crushing- are merely the metaphors with which our soul seeks to guide our steps.
    Listening is the gateway to this reality..the message is for us..the impact is seen and evaluated by our hearts..
    The world as fractals of beauty, harmonics of scale..our interaction creating an exquisite work never before seen or repeated, the majestic signature of our time and being as part of creation..
    The fairies are at peace..be at peace as well..


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