About Daniel Kaiya Fusondanielmeditation

I was born with a rich connection to haunting and beautiful dreams. After a period of hibernation in my teens, this awareness returned to my life. I began questioning my heritage, the skills and expectations of a liberal arts education, and the deeper purpose of my life. This drove me on an intensely personal healing journey.

At the age of 21, I began studying with martial artists, healers, dancers, shamans, yogis, and musicians. At 25 I left a job on Wall St. and continued exploring until I was 30. I began teaching yoga and energy work at festivals and holistic centers throughout the US. I spent time retreating with nature, learning to water fast, vision quest, and breathe with the trees.

In 2008 at 34, I focused my attention on the Twelve Chakra system, applying music theory with energetics to integrate the breadth of my experience into Wildflowerfire. In 2012 I began my practice in Ithaca NY, while developing two semester long wellness classes and a teacher training series. I am currently offering sessions, classes, and completing a book Sacred Creatures.

Learn more about my story, focused on my experience with Chakras.

Artwork by
Michael Parisimikep

With intentions in mind and heart, my Love is to create visionary art. But the end result is always a collaboration: My hands, the computer, the circumstances of my life, and whatever spirit is attracted to the work. I can’t imagine life without this symbiotic relationship, as it drives all aspects of who I am, from creating software to raising a child. I hope you enjoy the work, it was meant for you!



Primary Influences:
Italics List Books that were core to understanding this work
(parentheses) List the activities of my prominent teachers

Carolyn Myss Anatomy of the Spirit
Drunvalo Melchizdek The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life I&II
Gopi Krishna Kundalini
Michael Talbot The Holographic Universe
Rupert Sheldrake The New Science of Life
Gabrielle Roth Sweat Your Prayers (5 Rhythms Dance)
Gabriel Cousins (Tree of Life Center)
Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga)
Melvin Betselle (Dine Peyote Church Leader)
Ken Lo (Wu Mei Li Kung Fu)
Mary Balliet (MD, Chiropractor and Kinesiologist)
Ida Wolfe (EMDR Therapist, Hypnotist and Teacher)

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