Introducing the Transformation ~ Activating Your Soul, the Wildflower

This is a process that can happen on its own, or be induced by work, patience and discipline. The more you acquaint yourself with the Twelve Chakras. Explore the themes pay attention to the parts of your body that are consistently tense, painful or out of balance. And Actively do the work to wake them up. Practice the ‘Flowers’ and the meditation below this introductory video.

Meditation to Activate the Wildflower ~ Turning on the 12 Chakras

This Meditation guides you to focus on the ‘normal’ seven chakras in a meditation up the spine, above the Crown and into ‘The Wildflower’ also known as the Eighth Chakra. This is a meditation to add to your practice, and used with discipline. Do it once a day for up to a month. If you have not noted dramatic changes, take a break. Approach your life from another perspective for at least another month, and then return to the discipline.

Integrating Your Higher Self ~ Uniting the Angel and Creature Within

When you activate your soul, and the energy of your ‘higher self’ begins to become consciously, you will also activate the more primal passions of human life, along with dysfunctions and wounds you may carry, unhealed. To ‘Heal’ during these times, it is necessary to embrace both the Angel and Creature within.