Wounds A lover of mine taught me a lot about love and sex and pain and the wounds left behind. She was a bit of a dream for me. More experienced, mysterious and dynamic. I was learning to fall in love with dancing. She danced as a way of being human. She was kind and patient, terrifying and insightful.. One day she turned to me, … Continue reading Wounds

Good Morning!   Here’s the thing. I’m not actually afraid. I’m excited.   I won’t say I don’t have some fear sometimes, I just don’t become it. Its a thing that I feel, and I pray through it, and often learn a lot. And that alone is exciting. I try and be careful not to get tweaky about it, and I almost could. I could … Continue reading

Fall Newsletter 2016

New Studio Open House     On Saturday September 17th we will be hosting an Open house from 1-3 pm to introduce the new space. Visit 213 Second St. Ithaca. Receive an overview of the new classes and services. Sign up for special introductory deals. Please bring a friend! My wife, Tali Fuson, will also be available to answer questions about her practice. Entrance is the … Continue reading Fall Newsletter 2016