Chakra Chord Meditations

Magical Harmony
These are guided Chakra meditations. You will focus on your breath, Chakra points in the body and themes that they evoke. The Chakra’s are chosen to make musical ‘chords’, combinations that harmonize together to evoke and channel the theme of the meditation.

These Meditations help you heal dysfunction and enlighten yourself in a wide range of ways. Use them like spells. You are spelliling out energetically, what you chose to heal and create. As you attune with the feeling & understanding of each Energy Center, you will more effectively activate the power and love of these Chakra chord Meditations.

Harmonize Mind with Heart

This seated meditation clears your mind, and extensively retunes your thoughts with your heart.


Make Sacred Visions Real
Develop a Clear Vision of your future. Clear the burdens and distractions that inhibit you. Ground it, and open to the support you need to embody this love as yourself.


Attune With Your Heartbeat 
adically transform your health by tuning in with you heartbeat, aligning it with your divine breath and centering yourself in their harmony.


Trust Divine Power
A Chakra Meditation to evoke trust in divine, loving, power,. Center Divine Love within your body, and allow it to transform you.

Heal Wounded Intimacy
Tune in with your shared wounds. Heal the Pain. Cleanse the confusion. Forgive them and yourself.

Transmute Fear
This meditation guides you through your fears. Learn to focus, hold anxiety and even terror, and transmute them into hope.