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The Chakra Keys

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‘The Chakra Keys’ is a set of keys to your energy body. It unlocks new dimensions to influence your life. Then it teaches you how to use them well.TheChakraKeys-BookCover

This work introduces simple ways to work with the connections between Body, Mind and Spirit. Learn to make daily movement and meditation routines that support your challenges and opportunities. Be in tune with the weather of your life. Be exploratory on days you are more fluid. Be disciplined on days you need to focus. Use practices to determine the best ways to apply your attention and nurture your health. Learn to associate feelings and stress in your physical body, with the issues in your life, and the spirit that can help you heal.

This system introduces simple and efficient practices that you can do on your own. They adjust to fit into your day. As morning routines, as breaks, as coping mechanisms for different forms of stress, and as ways to relax and unwind. By using a series of movement exercises, meditations and self-inquiry, this book offers a complete overview of your health.

The Book also introduces each of the Twelve Chakras, along with the ‘Super Powers’ – innate sacred powers – associated with each. They function as simple prayers. Activate them with the Chakra, and bring their qualities into your life with courage and grace.

This is followed by lists of dysfunctions related to each Chakra. When an energy center is working poorly, it will waste your spirit. This manifests as worry, greed, loneliness, lethargy and many more forms of dysfunction. Learn to recognize these patterns, and engage simple routines to help you bring them back into balance. Efficiently, joyfully and in ways that empower your true intentions.

Learn to evaluate, heal and empower ~ your intimate relationships, your prayers, your wounds, and your dreams. Cleanse past issues that are draining you, align your visions with your actions and learn to take deep responsibility for your own choices. This book is an evolutionary approach to integrating spiritual insight with your daily life.