flightSome transformations begin as whispers, and become chaotic screams that elude trust. Some traumas refuse to let go, pestering and sabotaging a good life. Some challenges are not meant to be faced alone. With the correct support, these become opportunities to create an amazing life worth living.

Wildflowerfire can help you recognize and stay present with yourself. This work evokes strength and focus in the face of pain and confusion. It is a catalyst for healing, as you learn to be healthy and empowered. The same art guides you to dream, thrive and explore the edge of your capacities, with grace and love.

Private Sesons

Readings can function as a check-in, offering key insight into the state of your life – from an energetic perspective. Every 6 months or year, you can check-in and learn which major forces are affecting your life, and how you can respond to them well with clear and healthy choices. If you follow this guidance for extended periods of time, it is a powerful way to make use of Wildflowerfire’s insight.

Do you need to address specific challenges in your life? We will identify positive influences, and unravel contradictions together. Clients receive individualized meditations and exercises specific to your path and circumstance. This is a psychic art, with explanations you can learn to comprehend and apply on your own. The most influential steps to balance and clear yourself, are often elusive without an energetic perspective. With this insight, you can apply your attention and effort towards transformation. This involves work to tune your system, heal prominent imbalances, clear drains to your attention, and setting your intentions clearly. All sessions may be recorded.

$80 One hour Phone Session – An hour long session by telephone. I provide an overview of the state of your energy field, along with specific insight into how you can most effectively support health. Phone sessions involve intuitive insights that transcend distance. They are grounded with guided visualization and breath-work.

$100 One hour Session – An hour long session is appropriate when you seek to evaluate your energetic health, need support addressing specific challenges, and are ready to be seen deeply, in person. Sessions take place in a studio, and may include energy work on a table. They often involve personal training with movement and other forms of meditation. They may, or may not, involve physical touch.

$300 ‘Standing or Grounding Flower’ This five private tutorials package trains you to work with one of these two ‘Flow-er’ sequences. They each integrate breath-work, poses, balancing, empowering and visualization. Each week we will focus on a different layer of the sequence, which will include a handout as homework.

$500 One Month Guidance Intensive Five Sessions,  All Classes.
This is appropriate as a Wilflowerfire learning intensive, or if you are in dramatic or traumatic transformation and need a lot of support. Receive a private session each week, attend classes and explore with homework. We will focus your discipline, and challenge you to explore the edge of your capabilities.

$1500 Three Month Transformational Intensive One Session each week, with alternate weeks held as a two hour ‘dredging’ session. During the one hour sessions we will strategize. The ‘dredging’  will intentionally explore your deepest issues. They are ‘hooks’ that expose ways to reclaim wasted energy and intentions. This Intensive is appropriate for people going through fundamental transformation that challenges your life purpose and sense of reality. Price includes all weekly classes.

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