Spiritual Sessions


Some transformations begin as whispers, and become chaotic screams that elude trust. Some traumas refuse to let go, pestering and sabotaging a good life. Some challenges are not meant to be faced alone. With the correct support, these become opportunities to create an amazing life worth living.

Psychic Readings
Sessions can function as a check-in, offering key insight into the state of your life – from an energetic perspective. You will receive an overview of your spiritual health in twelve basic areas. The Chakras reveal an amazing window into the root causes of habitual challenges, and key influences that need to be prioritized. This helps you prioritize the areas of your life and health that need your attention, and look beneath surface issues to uncover root causes of suffering. A session will focus you on positive direction – what is ready to transform and awaken in your life? We will center you on the best opportunities available to you.

Wildflowerfire can help you recognize and stay present with yourself. This work evokes strength and focus in the face of pain and confusion. It is a catalyst for healing, as you learn to be healthy and empowered. The same art guides you to dream, thrive and explore the edge of your capacities, with grace and love.

Spiritual Healing & Coaching

Healing Sessions
Your Spiritual wellness has a tremendous influence over your physical health and life experience. There are three basic ways this can help you. One, Chakra therapy in combination with Reiki, empowers your immune system. Two, we will unravel the ways your spiritual integrity – the combined influence of your choices and your opportunities – can improve. This will further strengthen you and may reveal crucial insight into why you suffer.
Finally, we will look at your unique problems, physical, mental and emotional. We’ll do work to heal them directly and to reveal the underlying health.

On- Going Sessions
Do you need to address specific challenges in your life? Are you consistently recognizing ways in which you are not at your best? We will meet regularly to build spiritual practices and transformational healing into your life. We’ll identify positive influences, and unravel negative contradictions together – putting you in a position to reclaim lost spirit and use it well, every day.

Spiritual Coaching
Clients receive chakra readings regularly, to help focus your attention away from time consuming distractions, and onto the most important priorities. We’ll develop meditations and exercises specific to your path and circumstance. With this energy work & insight, you can apply your attention and effort towards transformation. We wil tune your system, heal prominent imbalances, and set your intentions clearly to get – and keep – you on the right track. All sessions may be recorded if you so chose.

Video Support Coaching
We are now offering daily coaching support through a unique ad powerful service. You record private video messages through Wildflowerfire’s Communication platform, you’ll receive replies Mon-Fri 9-5 EST. This is a way to get traction, feedback and empowerment – daily. Share your thoughts, concerns and questions when you have them. Invest in an on-going conversation, and receive the support you need to stay focused and disciplined on your spiritual & healing path. The messages can be text, audio or video. They are all recorded and archived so you can return to them whenever you need to.

$120.00 Phone/Video Session – An hour long session by telephone or through Video Call. Receive an overview of the state of your energy field, along with specific insight into how you can most effectively support health. These sessions involve intuitive insights that transcend distance. They are grounded with guided meditations, breath-work and homework until we meet again.

$120 Weekly Messaging Support – This plan allows you to communicate 24/7, reaching out in the exact moments when you need support the most, when your thoughts and feelings are best prepared to be shared. This communication can happen several times a day, and averages an hour a week, total.

$120.00 In-person Session – An hour long Session is appropriate when you seek to evaluate your energetic health, need support addressing specific challenges, and are ready to be seen deeply, in person. Sessions take place in a studio, and mostly involve energy work on a table. They often include personal coaching with Yoga, Meditation and homework specific to your path and circumstance.

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  1. I would like to purchase for My friend Maria a one hour session with you. Met you last night . ..607-793-6845 connie


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