What is Wildflowerfire?
Wildflowerfire is a Holistic Arts modality. The name is its description. A subtle fire that burns between the energy centers in our body. So fierce it destroys energetic confusion. So influential it brings light, fuel and warmth into the experience of living. So subtle it can flow through our mind and body without burning the petals of a living flower.

Why? Because your energy field is already creating your reality
Listen to your body. Feel the vibrations. Trust your inner visions. As soon as these sentences bounce through your mind, you have to process the concept of sensing energy. Because it’s not about listening. It’s not really about feeling or seeing either. Energetics activate an entirely new range of sensations. We use analogies with our five senses to engage understanding, and our minds translate as we learn. It’s important to recognize that these ideas are translations. The greatest potential lies beyond what most people know how to perceive and realize.

How does Wildflowerfire work?
It’s all energy. From the densest matter to the most fleeting daydream, everything about being alive generates, is influenced by, and affects the energetics of our body and the world around us.

When do you need Wildflowerfire?
You can’t experience some things unless you believe in them. Proof doesn’t always come first. If you aren’t willing to carefully consider something until it is provable, there are some things you are never going to be able to see.

Where does Wildflowerfire come from?
The core of Wildflowerfire come from Egypt and a tradition associated with Thoth, also known as Hermes – the progenitor of Western medicine. The ‘Keys of Enoch’ offer ancient insight to unlock a language of light between our spirit and soul, that speaks through the flow of energy between spheres of light in our body. The energy centers interrelate in a series of keys, akin to the keys of music.These keys unlock mystical insights into human nature, and take us beyond what we know as health


Wildflowerfire ‘The Background
These five sections are core parts of the writing that lead to the creation of this modality. It was written, and later edited, as I learned how to comprehend the breakthroughs in understanding that enable the energetics of Wildflowerfire. Circa 2008

Flow – The story of my holistic awakening. The confusing and dramatic time that lead me to leave mainstream work, and begin studying with a variety of teachers.

Staccato – The foundations of Wildflowerfire. These sources are an overview of the basic holistic teachers and theories that I relied upon to develop this work.

Chaos – An overview of the the lessons that taught me how to understand the revolutionary influence of 12 Chakras in relation to the 7 commonly known.

Lyrical – The process of converting from 7 to 12. Five of the old charkas ‘separated’ into two chakras. I developed a new relationship with each.

Stillness – A conversation with the Wildflower. This is an intimate window into how I learned by conversing directly with the Spiritual guidance of the Wildflower.

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  1. Love this. The work is amazingly powerful yet seeing it explained so simply makes really feel confident and excited to begin studying with you.


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