Monday 8:00-9:20
Monday 9:30-10:50
Monday 5:30

All classes include movement, meditation, breath-work and visualizations

Full Evaluation
These sessions address your entire health. You will learn which areas of your life are thriving, which are most challenged, and where your attention can have the greatest impact.

Series Sessions
Sessions committed to in a series, focus on specific themes and challenges over the course of weeks or months.




August 27th 1:00-3:20
Rasa Spa

This time includes an hour long workout, and an hour long meditation journey. We will address all 12 Chakras, and learn about the state of your health in each.


Fall 2017
Tuesdays 3:00
September -December

This course introduces all 12 Chakras – with one as the focus for each week. You will learn the Standing, Breathing and Balancing Flowers. You will graduate with a basic ability to diagnose yourself – to address dysfunctions in each Chakra and to empower their Enlightenments.

The same course, offered online. Classes will include videos with movement guidance and Chakra lectures, online discussions and homework.