studiomovementWildflowerfire can help reclaim lost energy from confusion and wounds to empower your dreams. This work is appropriate for adults of all ages and experiences. It is ideally suited to people with independent natures and artistic inspiration. Practices integrate into many lifestyles.

Classes and Workshops
Wildflowerfire offers weekly classes with movement, breath work, energetic meditation, and personal healing insight. The movement is designed to focus and activate the Chakras. Center in Yoga poses, channel with the breath, and awaken your creature nature with the freedom to explore and dance. Guidance focuses the imagination, relating thoughts, feelings and resonance. An emphasis on subtlety and personal insight will empower you to recognize your edge, and work at your own pace. Learn sequences to explore and integrate on your own. Leave with insight into where your effort and attention can help you most.


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Wildflowerfire Wellness

Other Class Events
Chakra Flow  These classes are designed to train you to tend your energy field and explore the health and opportunity available to you. Each class includes moving meditation, integrating breath work, held poses, movement and visualization. The class includes insight about your energetic health. You will learn the language of your energy centers. Explore your strengths and weaknesses while receiving guidance in transformation.

YoGaiaDance A moving meditation that integrates the knowledge and discipline of the Chakra Flows. Musical progressions with the Energy Centers vary the time spent with each center, and offers several layers of freedom to explore stillness, motion, and dance. Explore weekly themes. Use personal intentions as a light to evoke inner Gaiadance.

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