Yoga & Meditation

Wildflowerfire is organized around sequences that step through the twelve Chakras in a pattern kin to the ‘Circle of Fifths’ in music. This non-linear series is energetically harmonic, tuning each Chakra to each other, and training you to work with the most powerful relationships between energy centers. By learning and integrating this series, deeper possibilities will be revealed.

Quick 12 Chakra Meditation

Activate, attune, align, cleanse and balance the twelve chakras. I invite you to memorize it, so you can use it on your own, to heal and transform a wide range of issues.

The Standing Flower
The following recording is a sequence of postures to focus and center your energy field. It involves focusing your attention on the surface of the body where energy from the Chakras can most easily be felt. The poses accentuate attention in each of these areas. It is appropriate to modify/simplify each exercises in relation to your body and limits. If you cannot focus on the energy at the surface of the body, adjust until you can. The intention is to harmonize and unify body and spirit, with mental attention

12. Chakra Activation Meditation
This is a guided meditation that activates, cleanses, tunes and balances your 12 Chakra system. It includes visuals that focus you in on each Chakra and colors that help tune each center. Verbal guidance will direct your to shift your attention and breathing patterns throughout the meditation.

The Visualizing Flower
This journey attunes your entire system with the Heartbeat of the Earth. It can be a deeply influential prayer to activate all 12 Chakras and bring their influence to life. If it is at all overwhelming, please work with the Heart meditation for a more extended period of time and go on a walk. Also explore the ‘Standing Flower’ to work with a more physical empowerment of the Chakras. 

The Breathing Flower
12 Essential Breathing Exercises
This is a flow of 12 Breathing Exercises, designed to be used together, or independently. This video will also teach you how to do each of them, so you can practice them for more extended periods on your own. The exercises work with the ‘Key Ring’ pattern through the 12 Chakras, although it is not necessary to use them intentionally with the Chakras.

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