Video Lecture

This series of videos comprises one lecture on holistic health, energywork, and Wildflowerfire. Explore why learning about mystical energetics is relevant to leading a wonderful life. It is appropriate for those with experience using chakras, and complete newcomers to Ancient Spiritual techniques.


Into the Unknown
Many challenges to our health are induced within spiritual vibrations that are not easy to detect. If we experience dysfunction in our life, and only search within ways of understanding that already make sense to us, we are unlikely to resolve many challenges. By learning to explore and understand spiritual resonance, we gain access to tools and influence that can dramatically affect our health.

I Challenge You
I challenge you to learn about your energy system and the nature of vibrations in the human life. Until you consciously take on this challenge, you are unlikely to comprehend the consequences of a wide range of your actions and choices on your energy field. And yet these actions and choices can have a dramatic and continuing effect.

An Introduction to Chakras
An introduction to how Chakras work. Insight into how mental physical and spiritual resonance interact in our energy centers to enable health and well-being.

Seven and Twelve Chakras
This is a crash course on the difference between the 7 chakra system and the 12 chakra system of Wildflowerfire. It explains why seven chakras make one set that is designed to introduce us to  working with energy centers. It is like your first recorder flute in elementary school music class. 12 chakras graduate us to a full set of notes. Without 12, we can only make simple songs. With the full set, we are liberated to explore the music of being alive.

Energetic Vibrations & Knots

An overview of the ways vibrations interact in our body, and how people can have contradictory forces that undermine their health. By comprehending the fundamentals, it becomes easier to identify where energy is misspent and how it can be used most effectively.

Practical Mysticism
Insight into  how amazing we can be, and why it is not more common for people to experience phenomenal health. People consistently block progress, when they make choices to avoid pain, trauma, or get caught in conflicting priorities. By learning to reconcile these choices we open the possibility to live at the edge of what human beings are capable of becoming.

Health and Superior Wellness
An overview that helps to think clearly about some of the inherent contradictions in mainstream approaches to medicine and health, and how to reconcile them. By understanding these forces, we become more capable of addressing the contradictions within our own lives.