Spiritual Awakening ~ Misdiagnosed Mental Illness
So many of the symptoms of Spiritual Awakening are interpreted through the narrow lens of physical and mental effects, and incorrectly diagnosed by people who do not understand what they are witnessing. Learn about spirituality and the process of awakening. Is this you? Could you use my support to make it through this time?

Talking With Angels
Do you ‘hear voices’? Learn about my process of tuning in with Angels, weeding through the chaos of an awakening spirit and trusting their support and guidance. This is crucial work. Angelic support and protection have been the only way to cope with a wide range of challenges. This trust dissolved a wide range of negativity and brought great joy.


How to Go Insane
In my experience, once you begin to Awaken, there is no going back. Whatever chaos you feel, whatever confusion and pain arise, you must ride this journey and own your own spirit. Do not allow others to make your choices. DO learn to ask for help when you need it, and learn how to discern who you can trust, and how the Universe, how divine love is already here, supporting you and yearning to help you heal, and thrive.


Spirituality and
When you begin to awaken spiritually, your old self dies. To those without enough guidance and support, this ‘ego’ death often feels like suicide.  You ARE dying to who you have been, and that the calling into this transformation is the right path. It is crucial you learn to trust this calling, and to understand that this death is not physical. Please trust that you are needed and loved. This process is healthy. You can even enjoy the calling to dissolve who you have been. It feels like death. It IS a death. Yet it is more like a tree shedding leaves, that anything traumatic and suicidal.

Empathy ~ Stop drowning in Other People’s Feelings
As you awaken, you become more empathic and receptive. It is crucial that you learn to discern what is, and is not you. Learn to still feelings that you pick up or take on for others, and return to the beautiful process of living a more vibrant and joyful life.