The Sacred Creatures workshop works with body, mind, and spirit. It helps to overcome obstacles, release creativity, and empower health. It is designed to be shared in a classroom setting, and then extend to your daily life.

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn a simple and complete exercise routine that you can do on your own. You will experience energy meditation, and learn how to apply it. You will come away with tools to transform common challenges into opportunities.

We will explore twelve themes in your life, and introduce basic ways to evaluate, heal and empower each of them: Leadership, Dreams, Imagination, Nutrition, Limits, Communication, Creativity, Love, Intentions, Power, Intimacy, and Community.

The workshop is broken down into three parts:

The first is a movement series designed around 12 Yoga poses. We hold a pose, meditate with a unique breathing exercise, and do a movement exercise that balances both sides of the body – in that position. Most of the yoga poses are familiar. The movement exercises are more unique. They complement the poses and are suited to all ability levels.

The middle section is an extended meditation. It can be done lying down, or seated. There is a visualization meditation associated with each of the twelve themes. Then we ask a question that people can use to learn about themselves, and write down their insights.

The third part involves some explanation into how this cycle works. It tunes people into information their bodies hold about their health, and reveals important and efficient steps they can take to improve their lives. We’ll also use this time to discuss some examples of what people learned, and to answer questions.

This workshop is an introduction. With the techniques we will share, you will understand how these themes fit together, and what you can do to enable each of them to thrive in your life. Drop-in classes, three month courses, and a companion book are all available to continue the study.

Preregistration and payment is required. You can register online or by calling Rasa Spa at 607.273.1740.

Daniel Kaiya Fuson was raised in Ithaca, NY. After college, he moved to NYC, where he worked in computers. He studied with martial artists, healers, dancers, shamans, yogis, and musicians. At 25, he left a job on Wall St. and continued exploring and training with holistic teachers until he was 30. Then he began teaching yoga and energy work throughout the US. In 2008 at 34, he focused his attention on the Twelve Chakra system, applying music theory with energetics to integrate his experience into Wildflowerfire. In 2012 he began his practice in Ithaca where he offers private sessions, weekly classes, and semester long courses.