An Introduction to Spiritual Awakening & Wildflowerfire The Video below, begins with an allegory, a simple story about a stream that confronts a rainstorm. This storm dredges junk that has not been moved for years, flushing it to the surface and creating space for a more intense flow. Like this stream, as you experience increased energy flow, you will confront many wounds and lost dreams … Continue reading Wildflowerfire

Tuning Chakras with the Zodiac

Everything you do is fundamentally creative. As soon as you believe, act or feel, you generate and sustain energetic vibrations within yourself and the world around you. When these vibrations contradict forces beyond your control, your overall potential diminishes. When you are in harmony with the greatest powers around you, you have a heightened capacity to thrive. The Earth exists within fixed cycles beyond human … Continue reading Tuning Chakras with the Zodiac

The Art of Believing

We co-create our reality with the Earth. By learning to recognize this dialogue you can focus your dreams, transcend your false limitations, embrace your real limits and move through challenges to create a more amazing life. This is an introduction to the Art of Belief, a proactive placebo effect. When it works well, it goes well beyond the power of placebo sugar pills. Empower yourself … Continue reading The Art of Believing