Wildflowerfire is a holistic healing art that works with body, spirit and mind. It helps to overcome obstacles, release creativity, and empower health. The art is based on a system of twelve chakras, or energy centers, that channel different aspects of our lives. These centers connect our physical body, our thoughts and emotions, and our spiritual vibrations. The ways these forces contradict and harmonize shape … Continue reading Wildflowerfire

Videos of a Session

Sessions in Wildflowerfire begin and end with a focus on priority. An introductory conversation will give you basic insight about Wildlfowerfire and uncover priorities to work on in the rest of the session. Welcome to a Session Once we have identified a focus, we’ll step you through several exercises. This will help clear and focus your system for further work on the table. They will … Continue reading Videos of a Session


Wounds A lover of mine taught me a lot about love and sex and pain and the wounds left behind. She was a bit of a dream for me. More experienced, mysterious and dynamic. I was learning to fall in love with dancing. She danced as a way of being human. She was kind and patient, terrifying and insightful.. One day she turned to me, … Continue reading Wounds

Good Morning!   Here’s the thing. I’m not actually afraid. I’m excited.   I won’t say I don’t have some fear sometimes, I just don’t become it. Its a thing that I feel, and I pray through it, and often learn a lot. And that alone is exciting. I try and be careful not to get tweaky about it, and I almost could. I could … Continue reading

Fall Newsletter 2016

New Studio Open House     On Saturday September 17th we will be hosting an Open house from 1-3 pm to introduce the new space. Visit 213 Second St. Ithaca. Receive an overview of the new classes and services. Sign up for special introductory deals. Please bring a friend! My wife, Tali Fuson, will also be available to answer questions about her practice. Entrance is the … Continue reading Fall Newsletter 2016