Sacred Creatures


cropped-electricflower.jpgStarting September 26th – 3-5pm Tuesdays
13 two-hour classes and 3 private sessions

This course walks through twelve themes in your life and introduces the Energy Center or ‘Chakra’ associated with each. Our time will include breath-work, visualization and movement practices. We will explore meditation patterns that empower you to address your personal challenges. You will transform your relationship with wounds and challenges, while learning tools that stay with you.

The classes include group exercises, dialogues, ceremonies and homework. You will also receive a private session each month to explore issues that come to the surface and monitor your progress. This course is appropriate as a personal therapeutic experience and as a way to expand holistic awareness. It is suited for all ages and states of health. You will graduate with the ability to do practices on your own, suited to your path and circumstance.

This Class is the first of four. The First Season includes a graduation ceremony day with a shared meal at the end. The Second Season Classes deepen the movement practices, and teach you how to work with Chakra tools on your own. The Third course guides you to explore the ‘Music of Light’. The Fourth Season trains to use Chakra ‘Chords’, combinations that help you decipher dynamic meaning and intentionality in the work. The complete series is a teacher training, preparing your to guide classes, and offer sessions on your own.